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  1. 911查询·英语单词大全

  1. 充满俄罗斯风情的别墅悠然的卧在雪山脚下,幸福的被屋后的枣园,旁边的竹林,窗前的紫叶李簇拥着,走进直径20厘米的圆松木围起的温暖中,闻着淡淡的松木清香,或好友,或挚爱,拥坐在柔软的沙发中,或咖啡红茶,或轻言浅笑,或畅聊人生,或捧一本童话书坐在楼梯上阅读,那时,你什么都不要,就想活在当下。

  At the foot of the snowy mountains, our Russian-style villas are surrounded by a jujube orchard behind, bamboos beside and redleaf cherry plums in front of their windows. Once you enter the villas made of deals that are 20cm in diameter, you smell faint scent from the deals. You sit in the soft couches with your intimates or loved ones; sip coffee or black tea; chat while smiling; talk about your life; or sit on a step made of deals and read a book. At such a moment, you want nothing but the very moment.

  2. 看这照片在这里,他站在旁边的你告诉我,他的名字,现在,我听到他piru 没收CD的在您的其中一个家园证据以来,我们听到您的一些歌曲什么对这个皮条客家伙,他是其中一个您最喜爱的歌曲 i coulda宣誓就职,他说,他口袋充分的石头我错了吗?

  Look at this pic here, he standing beside you Tell me his name now, I heard he was piru Confiscated the CDs at one of your homes For evidence ever since we heard some of your songs What about this Pimp guy, he was on one of your songs I coulda sworn he said he had a pocket full of stones Am I wrong?

  3. 如果有什么野兽向你袭击,我一定在你旁边帮你。

  If any beast comes at you, ll stay with you and help you.

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  4. 没有其他人在旁边,她暗话是什么正在做她的真正关心什么,她说的话。

  No one else within earshot of her dark words about what wasbeing done to herreally cared about what she had to say.

  5. 继续帮忙用英文解释一下:住在加拿大,给我写信,在图书馆旁边,在学校和医院中间,在超市前面,银行在C街右边,这次旅行的开端,告诉你去我家的路,祝你旅途愉快,你还喜欢别的什么动物?这只大象又丑又令人恐惧,这只熊猫又漂亮又聪明,吃草,白天睡觉,晚上吃树叶,我想成为一名医生,他是干什么的?

  Live in Canada, write letter to me, beside the library, between the school and hospital, in front of the supermarket, the bank is located on the right of street C, this begining of the tour tell me the way to your home have a happy tour what are the other animals that you like this elephant is ugly and fearful this panda is pretty and smart eat grass sleep in the day, eat the leaves at night I want to be a doctor What does he do?

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  6. 你在鱼洞798车站,旁边有个较窄的马路进去大概100米就到了,另外你可以问酒家在什么地方,到了酒家再问教委

  You Yudong 798 station, next to have a narrow road probably go in the 100 meters on the other you can ask the restaurant where, to the restaurant to ask the Board of Education

  7. 记得小阳台上黄昏,视线的尽处是一列古老的城墙。在暮色和秋色的双重苍凉里,往往不知什么人加上一阵笛音的苍凉。我喜欢这种凄清的美,莫名所以地喜欢。小舅舅曾带着一直走到城墙的旁边,那些斑驳的石头,蔓生的乱草,使我有一种说不出的感动。长大了读辛稼轩的词,对于那种沉郁悲凉的意境总觉得那样熟悉,其实我何尝熟悉什么词呢?我所熟悉的只是古老南京城的秋色罢了。

  Still remember the dusk on the small balcony. the end of vision is a line of city wall, in the bleak of dusk and autumn, why people offered a bleak flute. i like this loney and bleak beauty, with no reason. uncle has taken me to the side of the city walls, those mottle stones, wide grown grass, cause me feel moved. when i grown up, reading the words of denjiaxuan, that sense of depressed and deserted, i feel so close and familiar. actually i wont know much about the words, but what i know is only the fall scenery o old Nanjing

  8. 布鲁斯:什么?是否在你的工具旁边的那个?

  Bruce: What, this one next to your tools?

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  9. 要做此,你必须清扫在旁边额外想法和得到不错对什么事态的核心。

  To do this, one has to sweep aside extra ideas and get right to the core of what matters.

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  10. 为什么?他让所有人说话、吹嘘、闲聊,所有人都在努力讨好女人,他只是在旁边静静的听。

  How? He lets everyone else talk and blab and yabber away, all these guys trying to impress the women, and he just calmly listens from the edge of the group.

  11. 不知道自己是怎样的坐到这木炕上来了,也不知道陈先生是什么时候放下了手,他两手叉了腰,站在旁边,向秀儿望着。

  She had no idea how she had come to be sitting on the kang, and didn`t know when Mr. Cheng let go of her and stood back, arms akimbo, looking her over.

  12. 象这样的一个黑奴,值一千块大洋——并且值得好好对待他。我要他做什么,他就做什么,所以那个孩子在那里养病,就跟在家里养病一个样——也许比在家里养还好一些,因为地方实在太清静了。只是光我一个人,手头要管好两个人,并且我非得钉在那里不可,一直到今天清早,有几个人坐着小船在附近走过。也是活该交好运气,这个黑奴正坐在草褥子旁边,头撑在膝盖上,呼呼睡着了。我就不声不响地对他们打了招呼,他们就偷偷走过来,抓住了他,在他还莫名其妙的时候,就把他绑了起来。

  I had everything I needed, and the boy was doing as well there as he would a done at home -- better, maybe, because it was so quiet; but there I WAS, with both ofm on my hands, and there I had to stick till about dawn this morning; then some men in a skiff come by, and as good luck would have it the nigger was setting by the pallet with his head propped on his knees sound asleep; so I motioned them in quiet, and they slipped up on him and grabbed him and tied him before he knowed what he was about, and we never had no trouble.

  13. 爬行在我的皮肤这些创伤,他们不会愈合恐惧是怎么我跌倒混淆什么是真正的有某事在我里面拉扯在表面之下消耗,混淆这缺乏自已控制I 恐惧从未结束控制我无法似乎再找到自己我的墙壁关闭(没有感觉信心I?说服那那里?许多压力采取)我以前感觉这个方式很不安全合唱难受,不尽地拉扯了自己在我分散,起反应反对我的意志我站立在我自己的反射旁边它困扰怎么我无法似乎。。。

  Crawling in my skin These wounds, they will not heal Fear is how I fall Confusing what is real There`s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming, confusing This lack of self control I fear is never ending Controlling I can`t seem To find myself again My walls are closing in (Without a sense of confidence I抦 convinced that there抯 just too much pressure to take) I`ve felt this way before So insecure Chorus Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me Distracting, reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It`s haunting how I can`t seem...

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  14. 我不得不活着像个流放的人,要是我接近人群,恐惧就会涌上心头,唯恐别人发现我病情。半年来我就是这样过来的。一位高明的医生让我尽量避免使用听觉,而也差不多正合我愿,所以这半年来我一直呆在乡下。不过,有时我也会违背医嘱,忍不住想与别人交往,但是,当我旁边的人听到远处的笛声而我却什么都听不到,或是别人听到牧羊人的歌声而我又什么都听不到的时候,那是怎样一种屈辱的感觉啊!这些事情让我濒临崩溃,要不是对艺术的渴求制止了我,我差不多就要结束我的生命了。我知道没把我命里所有的作品都创造出来,我是不可能离开这个世界的,所以我忍受这痛苦的生活,真的痛苦啊!我的身体容易激动,突然有一点变化,就会一下子从最好变成最坏。我必须选择忍耐,别人这么说,我也这么做了。希望我有足够坚定的意志来承受苦难,直到无情的死神割断我的生命之线的那天。也许我的病会好转,也许不会,对此我都是有心理准备的。

  I must live like an exile, if I approach near to people a hot terror seizes upon me, a fear that I may be subjected to the danger of letting my condition be observed - thus it has been during the past year which I spent in the country, commanded by my intelligent physician to spare my hearing as much as possible, in this almost meeting my natural disposition, although I sometimes ran counter to it yielding to my inclination for society, but what a humiliation when one stood beside me and heard a flute in the distance and I heard nothing, or someone heard the shepherd singing and again I heard nothing, such incidents brought me to the verge of despair, but little more and I would have put an end to my life - only art it was that withheld me, ah it seemed impossible to leave the world until I had produced all that I felt called upon me to produce, and so I endured this wretched existence - truly wretched, an excitable body which a sudden change can throw from the best into the worst state - Patience - it is said that I must now choose for my guide, I have done so, I hope my determination will remain firm to endure until it please the inexorable Parcae to bread the thread, perhaps I shall get better, perhaps not, I am prepared.

  15. 我现在有一个小花园。我想要一个气垫船在它旁边--一架有四个宽敞座位还有风扇在船尾的。(H:那个词中文叫什么、、、

  I do have a bit of a garden and Id love a hovercraft to get around it – one of the big four-seater ones with the fan on the back.

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  16. 一堆堆的参考书摆在他的旁边,田娜(DJ)有些上面满是笔记,而有些却是什么都没写,在高中三年,他很刻苦,把几乎所有的时间都用来学习,几乎没有考虑其他的东西,比如人际关系。

  He was surrounded by piles of reference books, some of which were covered with notes, while others were still brand new. During the three years in the senior high school, he spent all his time studying; no parties, no socializing.

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  17. 她的心脏科医生从旁边走过,问我在那里做什么。

  Her cardiologist walked by and asked what I was doing.

  18. 911查询·英语单词

  18. 彼佳原本知道他是在树林里,在杰尼索夫的游击队里,离大路有一里路,他正坐在从法国人手里缴获来的一辆大车上,大车旁边拴着马,大车下坐着哥萨克利哈乔夫,正帮他磨刀,右边一团黑影是看林人小屋,右下方亮着一团红的是快烧完了的火堆,来拿茶杯的是一个想喝水的骠骑兵;但是,他什么也不知道,他也不想知道这一切。

  Petya must, one would suppose, have known that he was in a wood, with Denisovs band of irregulars, a verst from the road; that he was sitting on a waggon captured from the French; that there were horses fastened to it; that under it was sitting the Cossack Lihatchev sharpening his sabre; that the big, black blur on the right was the hut, and the red, bright glow below on the left the dying camp-fire; that the man who had come for the cup was an hussar who was thirsty.

  19. 不过可不是每一家的生意都这么红火↓3、刚到一个陌生城市的我,到处寻找新鲜的景致,站在泡馍馆拿起相机漫无目的地一通乱拍,连房檐都不放过↓4、整个回民坊的街巷里,大概只有我才会对在路边的散步的公鸡母鸡都有着浓厚的爱好↓5、走着走着,就看见一处漂亮的古刹和院落,原来是一间保存完好的大清真寺↓还是正门对面的这个影壁最先吸引住了我的目光↓6、走进往看,每一处的建筑特色都是那么吸引我↓7、捧着相机,对院落里的任何一处古香古色的建筑细节都不放过↓8、正殿旁边的院落里也是别有洞天↓9、房顶上的月亮,标致着此处是正宗的清真寺建筑↓10、出得大院,几位回族长者们正坐在太阳底下闲聊,好让人羡慕↓11、清真寺门墩上的这个灵兽看了半天,也没辨出是什么动物↓12、从回民坊出来,沿着西大街再往西走就到了西安的城隍庙,光是牌楼上的这些木雕就已经让我仰头拍了半天↓12、城隍庙正殿保存的不是很好,西安市政府似乎也没有刻意地用现代木工活来翻修,于是才能看到大殿两侧这原汁原味儿的木雕大门↓13、大殿的房檐也跟牌楼一样有特色的↓14、牌楼两侧的小石狮子看上往也像古董呢↓哈,第一天的摄影作业交代完毕,明天再贴其它的

  Can not be each business nevertheless so prosperous ↓ 3, just arrived of new city I, seek new view everywhere, the station takes camera to overflow in house of bubble steamed bun aimlessly a chaos is patted, do not let off even eaves ↓ 4, in the street alley of lane of whole the Huis, probably only I just can am opposite there is grumous interest ↓ in the take a walk cock hen of roadside 5, going, see the ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes with one beautiful place and compound, it is one saves in good condition big mosque so this screen wall on ↓ or front door most the look ↓ that attracted me first 6, go in to look, the building distinguishing feature of each place is so attract my ↓ 7, boosting watch for a chance, to any one place in compound Gu Xianggus lubricious construction details does not let off ↓ 8, also be to see a new world in the compound on the side of main hall ↓ 9, room apical moon, beautiful here is authentic mosque building ↓ 10, go out courtyard, better of a few the Hui nationality people sitting in the sun next prattle, ↓ of good envy letting a person 11, this clever animal on mosque gate pier looked a long time, also doing not have differentiate to go out is what animal ↓ 12, come out from the Huis lane, along the town gods temple that the ave went to Xian toward westing again on the west, light is a card these upstairs woodcarving had let me admired a head to pat ↓ a long time 12, what main hall of town gods temple saves is not very good, xian municipal government also uses contemporary carpentry to come alive without sedulous ground it seems that overhaul, then ability sees audience hall two side this former juice raw ingredient woodcarving gate ↓ 13, the eaves of audience hall also follows pailou same distinctive ↓ 14, the gravelstone lion of two side of pailou looks to also resemble antique ↓ is breathed out, photography homework of the first day is explained end, will stick other again tomorrow...

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  20. Ieva的妈妈小心的盯着他的女儿只是 Ieva还是想办法瞒住了阿,你知道因为谁也不会去听妈妈唠叨当大家都在旁边开心跳舞 Ieva在欢笑小提琴也在歌唱大家都聚到她的身旁祝她好运,所有女生都是那么漂亮火辣旁边帅小伙们则跳得就像活跃的雄鹿因为谁也不介意在这种场合流汗,当大家都在旁边开心跳舞 Ieva的妈妈把她叫走,带到自己的房间来哼无聊的赞美诗这给我们的英雄有机会一展身姿在邻居家的灯光开始暗淡的时候因为无论这些老家伙们说什么都无所谓当大家都在旁边开心跳舞音乐停止,但真正的乐趣其实才刚刚开始年轻人欢笑的聚在一起在舞曲结束的时候送对方回家在家里我们发现她妈妈正在生气地等待着但我对她说,Ieva,不用担心等等我们还要开心的跳舞我告诫她妈妈不要再这么烦人了不然我可能会做出什么不负责任的事情只要你安安稳稳的坐在你的房间里我在追求你女儿的时候绝不会伤害你因为你眼前的这个帅小伙还带着些野性的味道当他在那边开心跳舞的时候告诉你,你可抓不到我哦 No,你也会发现我一样不容易逮到从东边跑到西边,不过 Ieva和我看起来完全势均力敌因为这个帅小伙可不是那种会害羞的人当他在那边开心跳舞的时候

  Ievas mother had her eye on her daughter but Ieva she managed to fool her, you know.Cause whos going to listen to mother saying no when were all busy dancing to and fro! Ieva was smiling, the fiddle it was wailing as people crowded round to wish her luck. Everyone was hot but it didnt seem to bother the handsome young man, the dashing buck.Cause whos going to mind a drop of sweat when hes all busy dancing to and fro! Ievas mother she shut herself away in her own quiet room to hum a hymn. Leaving our hero to have a spot of fun in a neighbors house when the lights are dim.Cause what does it matter what the old folks say when youre all busy dancing to and fro! When the music stopped then the real fun began and thats when the laddie fooled around. When he took her home, when the dancing was over her mother angrily waiting they found. But I said to her, Ieva, now dont you weep and well soon be dancing to and fro! I said to her mother now stop that noise or I wont be responsible for what I do. If you go quietly and stay in your room you wont get hurt while your daughter I woo.Cause this fine laddie is a wild sort of guy when hes all busy dancing to and fro! One thing I tell you is you wont trap me, no, you wont find me an easy catch. Travel to the east and travel to the west but Ieva and I are going to make a match.Cause this fine laddie aint the bashful sort when hes all busy dancing to and fro